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Analytics Consulting

We help organisations formulate their analytics strategy as to what data needs to be collected from which source to align to their strategic targets and business objectives.

Analytics Services

We enable organisations by delivering impactful visualizations and dashboards that effectively communicate strategic, operational and tactical progress of digial marketing, sales, customer relationship and financial management

Strategy Consulting

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do” – We are determined to help on this very critical part of formulating a successful strategy for your Small and Medium Business (SMB).

About us

We provide Analytics Services, Analtyics Consulting and Strategy Consulting to small & medium businesses around Thames Valley in United Kingdom.

The Small Medium Business contribute 49.8% of the Gross Value Added to UK economy but only 21% of them are using technology-enabled business analytics to measure their businesses.  Thames Valley Analytics helps Small & Medium Businesses’ to turn data into insights using analytics and technology that allows them to take a holistic approach which inform their business decisions and aligns with their corporate objectives to drive innovation, launch new products, manage human and operational resources and to increases overall shareholder value. 

Thames Valley Analytics - Insights Unbundled